We’re a highend-to-highend supply
chain service ready to Plug-and-Play.

We make clothing brands minimize
enviromental footprint and maximize
business profitability.

Whatever simple idea you’ll drop into our
machine will (blink of an eye) come out as
a badass fancy ready-to-wear-and-kill-it
piece of perfection.

We’re analogue. We’re digital (working on it).
You’re dismissed (watch us sweat).

( $ )

Here’s some groundbreaking figures
to expect when using our services:

Time to market




Secured margins


Here’s some comparisons:

The line between...

faszzz... t fashion


From 18 Months...

You need to start planning for a time consuming
and fragmented fu..ing process of 18 months, full of
guesses and compromises.

to 18 Days

We’ve done your 18 months of planning for you. Enter
our Design library, browse productionable garments,
press the button and dismiss (watch us sweat).

Show me

From Airplane travel...

12 months to launch; search for fairs, chase your flights,
order hangers, drown in fabrics, and secure quantities of
towels to wipe the sweat on your forehead between the laps.

to Armchair travel

We’ve travelled all around the world for you.
From the comfort of your “workplace”, simply tell
us what you need and consider it sourced.


From multiple turns...

You know the drill; sample – pattern – sample – pattern
– sample – pattern. Never ending coordinations between
fabric, trims, pattern, fit, making, factory, samples, meas.
-lists etc. Later on, time to plan sales and production.

to no turns

It’s straight forward. We have created a library of
patterns and samples for you using digital technology
and craftsmanship. What do you do? -Assemble
pattern, fabric, hardware and press Play.


From MOQ’s of 300+
in 3 month...

As you know, mass production is a slow beast
generating capital binding speculation in garment
stock in order to secure hope on being on trend.
You better prepare for SALES season.

to MOQ’s of 1
in 1 week

We have developed an on-demand machine that translates
a regular 3-month-order into a eternal-1-2-week-reorder-order.
That’s flexibility targeting any target group any time, and
securing margin on every unit every time. Simply press Play.