ON DEMAND - Production As A Service

NOMS (National Outfit Manufacturing Services)
Offer an infrastructure for on demand production of textile products with world record holding speed from order to stock delivery. For you as a brand this means that you can restock demanded garments before they run out of stock leaving you with NO missed sale opportunities, NO dead stock or volatility in margins. In other words; Taking back control of your cash flow and bottom line.
Besides restocking your bestseller in from time to time demanded quantities (1, 10 or 100) per order at your convenience we can also assist you with, also world record holding lead times, product development of new ideas that arise as a result of unexpected trends and demands in your market space.

THE PROCESS - On demand at world record holding speed


Creating styles from sketches including Tech files, pattern making, samples and fitting.
When the product pattern and tech pack is final you can place orders at desired quantities multiple times a month depending on your preference and business needs.



Product development from idea to ready to produce garment
Lay plans and cutting files
Cutting of garments


Sourcing of hardware and accessories
Stock keeping of fabric for production
Packaging and delivery to storage and/or store and/or D2C


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