NOMS is a digital platform underpinned by an infrastructure that enables decentralized mass production of customized and fair-trade high-end products manufactured locally, on-demand and in the course of an online purchase, for clothing consumer, solo producer and every single fashion brand on this planet.
The customer orders a non-existent garment through the digital platform and picks a producer > the fabrics are cut and trims are prepared at NOMS central pre-production unit (PPU) > the garment is assembled by the local micro factory (NOMS-certified dry cleaner / alteration tailor).
The concept was founded by Creative Director Rodrigo Gutierrez Benavente in the autumn of 2017. The co-founding team today consists of a collective of fashion, business and tech operators; Siri Vikman CEO, Aleksandar Paranos CFO, Philip Arvidsson CTO, who all joined the company 2020, and business developer Simon Hjelte as external advisor.